Adolf Hoenecke

Chiefly responsible for the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod’s move away from the unionism of the German mission societies, Hoenecke is regarded as the theological father of the church body.


From This Author

Sermon On the Second Pentecost Day
Translated by John Derme
A sermon on John 3:16-21.
Adolf Hoenecke’s Farewell Sermon
Translated by Peter Metzger
A sermonic farewell to St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church in Milwaukee, WI.
Stewardship Sermon
Translated by Evan Chartrand
An 1890 sermon on the topic of stewardship.
Sermon for Easter Monday
Translated by Andrew Ewings
Hoenecke narrates the amazing contrast between the start and finish of the Emmaus journey.
Sermon for the Festival of Ascension
Translated by Benjamin Reichel
Hoenecke preaches on the joy and comfort of the Ascension of Jesus Christ.
Sermon Outlines for the Festival of Ascension
Translated by Benjamin Foxen
Homiletical helps from Adolf Hoenecke.