Current Version

Studium 3.0 — The Relaunch Edition

The current iteration of the website is the third major change to the web platform of Studium since the original development of the website in 2006.

  • Migrate all content and structure from Drupal content management system to Jekyll static site generator
  • Design all-new layout and navigation
  • Clean up and reformat all source HTML files to MultiMarkdown
  • Streamline deployment with AWS Amplify via GitHub

Upcoming Versions

Studium 3.1 – The Scholarly Tools Edition

  • Improve citations in content
  • Provide bibliographic citations of originals
  • Develop linking, citation, and cross-reference tools

Studium 3.2 – The Organized Edition

  • Merge/link multi-part translations
  • Develop and implement a tagging and categorization system