August Pieper

August Pieper was an influential pastor, professor, and dogmatician of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod.


From This Author

The European War in the Light of God's Word (Part I)
Translated by Caleb Bassett
A German Lutheran grapples with the outbreak of World War I.
The European War in the Light of God's Word (Part II)
Translated by Caleb Bassett
August Pieper points to a Christian outlook during the time of war.
The Gospel as a Passing Downpour
Translated by Nathaniel Biebert
In one his final publications, August Pieper urges readers to consider Luther’s famous words of warning.
True Knowledge
Translated by Caleb Bassett
A theological reflection on the relationship between science and revelation.
The War as a Visitation of God
Translated by Benjamin Foxen
August Pieper offers a theological reflection on the European war.
What We Teach Concerning Election
Translated by Michael Koepke
The faculty of Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary articulates a position on the doctrine of election.
The Closer to Luther the Better the Theologian
Translated by Andrew Hussman
A very short summary of the work