George Stoeckhardt

George Stoeckhardt was a Lutheran professor and author in the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod who wrote several useful biblical commentaries.


From This Author

Sermon for the Reformation Festival
Translated by Nathaniel Biebert
Stoeckhardt warns us against falling into the greed of the papists, which led them to reject salvation by grace.
Commentary on Romans 6:3-11
Translated by Nathaniel Biebert
Commentary on the saving means of grace.
On the Second Day of Pentecost
Translated by Benjamin Foxen
A sermon that connects salvation to the Spirit.
Commentary on Romans 11:33-36
Translated by Nathaniel Biebert
Stoeckhardt expertly guides the reader through the question, Why some and not others?
Excursus on the Doctrine of Election According to Ephesians 1:3-14
Translated by Caleb Bassett
Stoeckhardt summarizes the biblical doctrine of election
Sermon for Christmas Day
Translated by Nathaniel Biebert
Georg Stoeckhardt thoroughly treats the blessings that God has given us through the birth of his Son.