Issue 5

September 2004

In This Issue

Commentary on John 11:17-45
by Christoph Starke
translated by Benjamin Foxen
An account of the true comfort to be found in the hour of death.
Doctrine of Predestination (Part III)
by Nikolaus Selnecker
translated by Souksamay Phetsanghane
Nikolaus Selnecker provides a thorough systematic treatment of the Christian doctrine of predestination.
The Future Glory of the Christian
by Albert Siegler
translated by Caleb Bassett
A devotion on what awaits the believer in Christ.
Jesus is the Door to the Kingdom of Heaven
by Albert Siegler
translated by Caleb Bassett
A simple devotional text on Jesus as Door.
The Restoration and Resurrection of the Dead (Part I)
by David Hollaz
translated by Kirk Lahmann
David Hollaz uses a question-and-answer format to cover the doctrine of the restoration and resurrection of the dead.
Sermon for the Twenty-fourth Sunday after Trinity
by Carl Manthey-Zorn
translated by Nathaniel Biebert
A sermon on Matthew 9:18–26