I Know My Name in Heav’n Is Written

by Salomon Franck
translated by Aaron Jensen

Translator’s Preface

Salomon Franck (1659-1725) was a lawyer who was most famous for his poetry. Many of his poems were set to music by Johann Sebastian Bach. Among his many works are “I Leave All Things to God’s Direction” (CW414) and “O God, Forsake Me Not” (CW424). This hymn, which meditates on the joy that from eternity God has by grace and in Christ elected his own for heaven, is set to the melody “Wer Nur Den Lieben Gott” (CW444).

I know my name in heav’n is written.
Saved and redeemed, God’s child I am.
When by both sins and sorrows smitten
I am content: I fear not them.
I know that from eternity
God has in Christ elected me.

With his own blood the Lamb recorded
My name into the Book of Life
And ev’ry blessing me awarded
Freeing me from death’s curse and strife.
What torment still could vex my heart?
I am for heaven set apart.

Though in the Book of Sin’s black binding
My heavy debt against me stands
In Jesus I pure grace am finding.
The Book of Life He to me hands.
My sure election I view there.
God’s Word reveals me as his heir.

Joyful in death, on Christ relying,
I shall put on faith’s wedding dress,
Which with his blood the Lamb was dyeing,
That this salvation I’d posess
And at his banquet have a place.
Joyful election, all by grace!

Devils can’t steal this consolation:
God chose me from eternity.
By grace through faith I have salvation
Which Jesus’ blood obtained for me.
So upon Christ I run my race,
Living and dying in this grace.

A hymn on the eternal joy of election.

 Nov 10, 2010