Your Mediator Comes

by Johann Rambach
translated by Aaron Jensen

Translator’s Preface

Johann Jacob Rambach (1693-1735) was a professor of theology at both Halle and Giessen. Although he was to some degree caught up in both the pietist and rationalist movements, he did leave the Lutheran church many wonderful hymns, including “Baptized into Your Name Most Holy” (CW294) and “My Maker, Be with Me” (CW598). This joyful Christmas hymn is sung to the melody “Wie Wohl Ist Mir, O Freund Der Seelen.”

Your Mediator comes, you weak soul
Of Moses’ thund’rous curse afraid
And in an anxious, grief-filled, deep hole
By dark and gloomy shackles stayed!
See! The Satanic chains are tearing
Which your poor spirit were ensnaring!
The bonds are loosed! The curse is done!
For free salvation be now hoping.
God is appeased, His heart stands open:
Your gracious Mediator comes!

Your Teacher comes. Hear what He’s saying.
Give ear to the mouth of the Lord.
When lost, He is your way displaying.
On you are light and truth outpoured.
That which dark shadows were concealing
Your Prophet is for you revealing.
Night’s reign is ended by the Son,
Proclaiming as the Father wills it
Giving you power to fulfill it:
Your wise, all-knowing Teacher comes!

Your King now comes, but without fanfare.
His entrance rich in poverty.
Receive your Prince, who does as man share
With you your deep humility!
Come, then, and kiss His hand and scepter
For since He is your sure Protector,
The floods of fear can harm you none.
And in a faithful subject’s manner
Come swear yourself unto His banner:
Your long-awaited King now comes!

Your Ev’rything comes to complete you.
Your A and Z stands at your door.
Those with this blessing would be pleased to
Trade for it all the world and more.
Grasp it, then, with both hands securely,
And from all sides, my spirit, surely
A sea of grace you overruns.
So clear a path for His procession!
Open the doors! He’s your possession:
Poor nothing, your Ev’rything comes!

A joyful Christmas hymn on Christ as mediator.

 Jan 27, 2011