Merciful and Wondrous Throne

by Johannes Olearius
translated by Aaron Jensen

Translator’s Preface

Johannes Olearius (1611-1684) served as a pastor and General Superintendent. Other hymns by him include “Comfort, Comfort All My People” (CW 11) and “Lord, Open Now My Heart to Hear” (CW 282). This beautiful Christmas hymn basks in the glow of the incarnation of our God.

Merciful and Wondrous Throne Wunderbarer Gnadenthron (KELG126)

Merciful and wondrous Throne,
Son of God and Mary’s Son,
God and man, an infant small
Is found sleeping in a stall,
Hero from eternity
Of whose might and majesty
Boasts all Christianity.

As in poverty You live,
You to me great riches give.
Mighty God, You meek became
Death and hell to put to shame.
To the whole world this is shown,
Even to the devil’s own:
Wonderful is God alone!

Let Your faithfulness, I pray,
Be to me renewed each day.
God, my God, forsake me not
When by perils I’m distraught.
Your most wondrous majesty
And Your goodness, Lord, let me
View for all eternity.

A Christmas hymn that lauds the incarnation.

 Dec 24, 2008