Oh, How Holy is This Place!

by Benjamin Schmolck
translated by Aaron Jensen

Translator’s Preface

Benjamin Schmolck (1672-1737) was a pastor in Germany who wrote 1183 different hymns, including “Open Now Thy Gates of Beauty” (CW255) and “Dearest Jesus, We Are Here” (CW295). This hymn which praises God for coming to us in his Word and letting us come to him in worship is to be sung to the tune “Meinen Jesum Lass Ich Nicht” (CW 304).

Oh, how holy is this place!
Oh, how blessed is this location!
Here, oh, here, are heaven’s gates.
Here God hears our supplication.
Your Word echoes through this space.
Oh, how holy is this place!

As Zaccheus Christ receives,
To his house has come salvation.
For he who in Christ believes
Has from him this blessed station:
He’s God’s Temple, set apart,
As Christ dwells within his heart.

Oh, what blessings to this day
To this house he’s been providing!
If the Lord were far away
And himself from us were hiding,
How could we the Spirit know
Who the way to heav’n does show?

Oh, how lovely, oh, how fair,
In the Lord’s house is it to be.
Let us joyfully go there.
Where a treasure is giv’n to me
Which will never see decay
And no one can take away.

Stay with us, O dearest Guest.
Feed us graciously here always
With Your Word, with which You’ve blessed
All the people in this blessed place.
Let Your Church steadfast remain
Until earth and heaven wane.

A hymn to praise God for revealing himself in the Word.

 Sep 28, 2010