Soul, Leave Affairs of Earth Behind You, Verses 7-11

by Erdmann Neumeister
translated by Isaiah Duff

Translator’s Preface

*Soul, Leave Affairs of Earth Behind You** is a hymn written by Erdmann Neumeister about the Lord’s Supper. The hymn walks the believer’s soul through preparation for Holy Communion, leading him to put his confidence in Jesus Christ rather than his own merit.

tr. by Isaiah Duff and Caleb Raasch

I see but bread and wine before me,
Yet faith perceives a higher good,
For in both holy pieces worthy
Are Christ’s, my Savior’s, flesh and blood
To this our full belief is due.
His Word is trustworthy and true.

With Jesus’ flesh I have been nourished
So that I can his temple be
Since Christ resides within, I flourish;
As I own him, so he owns me.
He leads me on my whole life through
And I begin to live anew.

Now doubt can live in me no longer;
The grace of God is all I see.
No man on earth nor crafty devil
Has pow’r to throw my sins at me!
Righteous I am, as white as snow
Nothing condemns me; this I know!

Since Christ has given me his body,
Which is for all the source of life.
Therefore, my flesh must life embody,
Though by decay devoured in strife.
This is faith’s comfort and it’s goal,
In life and when God calls my soul.

Jesus has died for me, it follows,
Yes, that for me my Jesus lives!
He’s won for me life without sorrows
In dying this my heart hope gives
Someday I’ll go to heaven bright
Impeccable before his sight.

Stanzas 7–11 of a hymn on the Lord's Supper.

 Apr 17, 2020