As Does the Sparrow

by Nikolaus Selnecker
translated by Aaron Jensen

This hymn, which focuses on the importance and blessings of being connected to God, draws from the imagery of Psalm 84. It is set to the melody “Erhalt Uns, Herr” (Christian Worship 203).

As does the sparrow his house choose
And her small nest the swallow views,
So I your Altar, Lord, now seek,
In all I think and do and speak.

Lord, help me through the vale of woe.
Your servants grant where’er they go,
That they your living spring may tend
And from the pure faith never bend. \

Far better, Lord, it is to be
The least in Your community
Than all earth’s majesty to claim:
Its fleeting pow’r, fortune, and fame. \

You are our shield, our sun ablaze,
Our Lord who gives honor and grace.
Each day, O Lord, our faith renew
And turn our wand’ring hearts to you.

A hymn to focus on the importance of connection to God.

 Mar 2, 2010