Nathaniel Biebert

Rev. Nathaniel Biebert is a pastor in Texas.

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Sermon for the Reformation Festival
by George Stoeckhardt
Stoeckhardt warns us against falling into the greed of the papists, which led them to reject salvation by grace.
Commentary on Romans 6:3-11
by George Stoeckhardt
Commentary on the saving means of grace.
The Gospel as a Passing Downpour
by August Pieper
In one his final publications, August Pieper urges readers to consider Luther’s famous words of warning.
The Gospel
by Carl Manthey-Zorn
A Lutheran pastor and missionary reflects on the meaning of the gospel.
Sermon for the Twenty-fourth Sunday after Trinity
by Carl Manthey-Zorn
A sermon on Matthew 9:18–26
A Word to Our Readers
by Anonymous
The author stresses the importance of standing firm in the Bible’s teaching out of love for both God and his people.
Commentary on Romans 11:33-36
by George Stoeckhardt
Stoeckhardt expertly guides the reader through the question, Why some and not others?
The Highest Mystery of the Most Holy Trinity in the Old Testament
by David Hollaz
David Hollaz demonstrates that the Old Testament clearly testifies to the Trinity of divine persons.
Two Children’s Bible Stories
by Carl Manthey-Zorn
Two Bible stories provide an excellent model for teaching the Old Testament to little children.
So What Actually Is a Lutheran?
by Edward Moldehnke
An articulation of what Lutheranism is and is not.
Baptism and the Means of Salvation
by David Hollaz
Hollaz address the topic of baptism as a conferring means of salvation.
Sermon for Christmas Day
by George Stoeckhardt
Georg Stoeckhardt thoroughly treats the blessings that God has given us through the birth of his Son.